Mystic Milk Chocolate – Unwind (100mg)

Our Chaos Mystic Milk Chocolate Bar “UNWIND” is sure to give you the mello high and relaxation you desire! This bar is infused with water-soluble Fast-acting THC distillate. You will feel the effects of these edibles within 15-20 minutes, as opposed to 1-2 hours. We use an encapsulation process that allows the metabolization of cannabinoids to begin in your mouth (dissolution in your saliva) rather than having to be metabolized in the gut, like a traditional edible.

Our “UNWIND” SKUs are infused with 5mg of melatonin (recommended dose) per bar to mimic the indica-like effects + 100mg THC per bar; that’s 10 pieces per package, with 10mg THC + 0.5mg melatonin per piece. Made with milk chocolate.

State: Colorado
Produced by: Heartland Industries LLC

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