Chaos Edibles are Colorado’s best THC infused edibles. Made with pure distillate,
Chaos produces several delicious treats. Let your dispensary stand out with our edibles!

We have combined your favorite cereals with gooey marshmallows and THC distillate to create the best tasting edible out there. And the price is just as good. Try the most popular THC infused treat in Colorado today in one of these amazing flavors: Fruity Rebels, Cookies n’ Dreams, Peanut Butter Cup, Crushed Red Velvet and Wild Strawberry Crunch!

“Boost” and “Unwind” Fast Acting Chaos Chocolates! These new chocolate bars taste amazing and with a new Fast Acting infusion, you will feel the effects within 15-20 minutes, rather than 1-2 hours! “Boost” bars will provide Sativa-like effects to help get stuff done, while “Unwind” bars will provide indica-like effects, leaving you couch-locked. Our delectable chocolates come in 5 mouth watering flavors; Bitchin’ Milk Chocolate, Kushes & Cream, Midnight Strawberry, Sinful Cinnamon and Space Cake!


Our newest edition to the Chaos Edibles family are our distillate-infused round, chocolate Cups divided into 5 breakable pieces. Our incredible Chaos chocolate cups come in 2 jaw dropping flavors; Ooey Gooey Caramel and Sticky Peanut Butter!

Heartland Cannabis Products is operated by approximately thirty full-time individuals all of whom are deeply committed to quality, compliance, and the proliferation of the cannabis industry as a whole. All managers and employees must complete a rigorous on-boarding program that includes mandatory training and class-work to ensure everybody who works here is fully trained in the areas of compliance, regulations, bio-controls, and sanitary requirements.

Chaos Crispies Peanut Butter Cup

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