Chaos Edibles are Colorado’s best THC infused edibles. Made with pure distillate, Chaos produces several delicious treats. Let your dispensary stand out with our edibles!

Find a Golden Ticket?

We’ve hidden 100 Golden Tickets inside our New Chaos Fast Acting Chocolate bar boxes. Find a Golden Ticket underneath your chocolate and claim your 100% FREE Chaos Swag here!

Simply purchase Chaos Chocolate bars at a participating dispensary near you and open the package to see if you’re a winner. If you are, click on this button to redeem your prize.

Chaos Crispies

We have combined your favorite cereals with gooey marshmallows and THC distillate to create the best tasting edible out there. And the price is just as good. Try the most popular THC infused treat in Colorado today in one of these amazing flavors: Fruity, Cookies n’ Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate (Crushed Red Velvet & Wild Strawberry Crunch coming soon!

Chaos Splits

The only vegan and gluten-free THC-infused gummy that splits in half! Whether you want to savor each flavor individually or are just looking for a 5mg micro-dose, Chaos Splits are an essential for the dog days of summer. Our gummy flavors include: Lemony Whistle (Lemon+Blue Raspberry), Banana Thunder (Banana+Strawberry), Pina Colada (Pineapple+Coconut), and Citrus Blast (Tangerine+Strawberry).

New Product!

Chaos Chocolates

“Boost” and “Unwind” Fast Acting Chaos Chocolates! These new chocolate bars taste amazing and with a new Fast Acting infusion, you will feel the effects within 15-20 minutes, rather than 1-2 hours! “Boost” bars will provide Sativa-like effects to help get stuff done, while “Unwind” bars will provide indica-like effects, leaving you couch-locked. Our delectable chocolates come in 5 mouth watering flavors; Bitchin’ Milk Chocolate, Kushes & Cream, Midnight Strawberry, Sinful Cinnamon and Space Cake!